About Alion

Labs and Facilities

Materials and Manufacturing

Advanced Materials and Coatings Laboratory (AMCL)
Chicago,  IL

Alion's Advanced Materials and Coatings Laboratory (AMCL) specializes in the preparation and application of coatings for spacecraft and satellites. Our engineers pioneered the development of unique materials for the protection of aerospace structures and components from Space Environmental Effects (SEE). Alion has produced materials for the Gemini and Apollo Missions, the International Space Station (ISS), NASA and DoD.

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Alion Rapid Engineering Solutions Center
Grantsburg,  WI

By developing improved replacement parts, repair parts for life extension and advanced mechanical and electronic prototypes, Alion’s Rapid Engineering Solutions Center supports critical programs with capabilities that include:

  • Engineering, re-engineering and design
  • Scientific materials analysis
  • Precision manufacturing capabilities
  • Rapid prototyping

Keeping warfighters equipped and ready for any contingency requires precision engineering as well as a real-world understanding of how each component supports the system… and the mission. To learn more, visit www.alion-RES.com.

Alion System Reliability Center (SRC)
Rome,  NY

The Alion System Reliability Center (SRC) provides information, data, analysis, training and technical assistance in the engineering disciplines of Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability and Quality (RMSQ). SRC delivers total, turn-key solutions including training, consulting services, publications and tools.

Visit the SRC website to learn more: http://src.alionscience.com

Electromechanical Systems Laboratory
New London,  CT

Fabrication and Integration Lab
Odon,  IN
Multi-purpose, secure facility for metal and electronic fabrication, assembly and integration.

Embedded Design and Development Center
Syracuse,  NY

Radars, electronic warfare, software-defined radio, cyber systems... all of these must continually evolve and adapt to meet emerging threats, so the technology inside the technology is crucial. Alion’s design and development engineers deliver expert solutions for essential systems from concept to circuit board.

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