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Comprehensive Risk and Safety Assessment for the Offshore Industry

Operating offshore drilling and production platforms is inherently risky. Identifying the probability of a catastrophic event occurring on a specific rig has traditionally been an expensive, multi-step process that too often relies on subjective opinion.

Now, Alion Offshore makes identifying and managing risks easier, faster and significantly more cost effective with Measure of Total Integrated System Survivability - Integrated Barrier Analysis (MOTISS-IBA™).

Based on technology used worldwide in efforts to improve the survivability of naval ships, MOTISS-IBA is a software package developed for the offshore industry to assess barriers and technical processes in order to:

  • Pinpoint potential risks and points of failure
  • Predict the exposure to individuals or groups, and the likelihood of occurrence
  • Prevent catastrophic events

MOTISS-IBA helps ensure that offshore installations comply with regulations, while maximizing uptime. IBA enables advanced analysis support of design and construction, efficient use of resources throughout the lifecycle and improved risk and safety management.

Rather than using multiple assessment models and tools, MOTISS-IBA delivers a completely integrated safety assessment created specifically for the needs of the offshore industry. The simplicity and efficiency of MOTISS-IBA is reflected in the image below.


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Field-Proven Technology

In a pilot study performed for an international offshore services provider, Alion engineers used MOTISS-IBA to analyze the safety barriers on offshore oil installations and evaluate the effectiveness of those barriers. MOTISS-IBA accurately identified safety issues and the consequences of barrier failures, enabling the findings to be addressed by engineers to help minimize risk to personnel, the rig and the environment.

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