Modeling, Simulation, Training and Analysis

Decision and Program Support

Decision and Program Support

The success of your program depends on factors that can too easily go awry, taking you down a path of budget overruns, missed deadlines and unmet goals.

The solution? Alion’s decades of program and acquisition management experts help you use your budget more effectively, identify risks, trends and opportunities, and ensure that all milestones and program goals are reached.

Alion’s knowledge and experience are supplemented by our unique technologies, designed to reduce risk by supporting a more effective use of resources. These tools, part of our comprehensive solution portfolio, include:

  • Modeling and analysis for acquisition, strategy development, program management, production and transportation
  • Human, Social, Cultural and Behavioral (HSCB) modeling and analysis
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment tools and services
  • Decision support and asset allocation

Alion’s program and SETA support expertise means everything — from the big picture to the smallest detail — is accounted for, ensuring resources are used effectively, budgets and schedules are kept and all goals are achieved.

Program and Acquisition Management

We provide complete DoD program support and management from acquisition and financial management to force structure and logistics. Alion supports a broad range of requirements including infrastructure, reserve mobilization, cost analysis and base realignment. More»

Decision Support Solutions

What’s the best use of your budget, and how do you deal with cutbacks and reallocations? How would rebalancing your asset portfolio affect readiness? Alion's decision support expertise can help you understand the relationships between resources that impact your effectiveness and bottom line. More»

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Identifying security holes before risks become reality is key. We provide techniques, tools and support to assess vulnerabilities and defend essential infrastructure including ports, power systems, critical facilities, networks and communications nodes. More»

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