Modeling, Simulation, Training and Analysis

Systems and Wireless Spectrum Modeling and Analysis

Systems and Wireless Spectrum Modeling and Analysis

Information systems must be able to meet the demands of users no matter what challenges the environment presents. Alion’s experience in modeling and analyzing complex systems means we can identify where performance gains can be achieved and which trade-offs can give the greatest benefits.

Human Performance Modeling

Through advanced simulators that incorporate realistic control systems and biometric measurement capabilities, Alion's experts can test, analyze and model behavior under a variety of conditions, helping identify methods to improve responses and outcomes in real-world situations. The result is more accurate predictions of total system performance. More»

Systems Modeling

Working with the DoD and intelligence communities, Alion engineers and scientists model and develop systems that bring together data and resources from multiple – often incompatible – sources. These solutions deliver near real-time information to decision-makers and warfighters, when and where it’s needed most.

Wireless Spectrum Modeling, Analysis and Management

Alion’s decades-long experience in wireless communications is the basis of our extensive technical and regulatory solutions for government and industry. Our engineers have developed a host of specialized tools for terrain modeling, performance monitoring and antenna location analysis. We also work closely with government to provide policy and regulatory support to govern the use of this limited resource.  More»