Modeling, Simulation, Training and Analysis

Wireless Spectrum Modeling, Analysis and Management

Alion’s decades-long experience in wireless communications is the basis of our extensive technical and regulatory solutions for government and industry. Our engineers have developed a host of specialized tools for terrain modeling, performance monitoring and antenna location analysis. We also work closely with government to provide policy and regulatory support to govern the use of this limited resource.

Wireless System Design and Evaluation

Our telecommunication modeling and simulation capabilities include an analytical test bed servicing commercial wireless network communications, civilian and military radar, and military electronic warfare systems. We have developed specialized models for evaluation of RF propagation, signal processing, antenna performance and geographical features. More»

Wireless Spectrum Management

We provide the tools and techniques to optimize how governments, the military and industry use the electromagnetic spectrum. Our solutions have been used at major events, such as the 2002 Winter Olympics. We serve as an advisor to the Defense Spectrum Office, and we support foreign military spectrum management automation in countries like Germany, Australia and Brazil. Alion maintains one of the largest teams of wireless communication/spectrum management experts in the US. More»

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