Systems Analysis, Design and Engineering

Systems Analysis Design and Engineering

systemsanalysis Integrating people, processes and information. Enhance performance, control costs, increase safety and improve information flow across networks and organizations. From proving a system’s viability to re-engineering and prototyping critical parts, securing data to re-engineering workflows, Alion can help you increase uptime and amplify your capabilities.

Agile Engineering and Rapid Prototyping

Needs evolve, because the challenges continually evolve. The solution? Sometimes it’s conceiving the next generation of weapons systems or optimizing a workstation's interface. Other times it’s producing a better repair part, faster and more cost-effectively. More»

Logistics and Readiness

The supply chain is just the beginning. Alion optimizes every aspect of the planning, procurement, maintenance, distribution and replacement of equipment — resulting in a force that’s not just equipped, but undeniably ready for the next mission. More»

Energy and Environmental Sciences

Energy production and environmental protection often go hand-in-hand. From nuclear power regulatory services to alternative fuels analysis and testing, from air pollution research to toxicology, Alion provides expert capabilities to support both regulatory compliance and technical innovations. More»

Human-Systems Integration

A key element in any system is the human factor, that is, how the operators of a system interact with technology and the working environment. Alion’s extensive capabilities in this area include human factors engineering, system safety analysis and crew resource requirements modeling. We consider the human factors in the earliest stages of the design, where the greatest benefit to performance and operating cost can be achieved. More»

IT Systems Engineering and Software Lifecycle Support

Alion supports smarter, more integrated uses of data to support critical functions, from C4ISR to healthcare IT. We can maximize the benefits — and minimize the risks — of acquiring new technology. More»

Testing and Evaluation

Spanning the initial requirements analysis to mission and test planning, test execution, results analysis and formal reporting, Alion's test and evaluation (T&E) capabilities help identify not only the obstacles, but the paths to success. More»

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