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mSTAR™ - Mobile Support Technologies and Repair™ Modules

Alion's mSTAR™ systems are easily transported worldwide and to remote locations. They provide fabrication and repair capabilities at the point of need for rapid solutions for equipment maintenance and repair as well as for prototyping unique tools and hardware required for unanticipated mission needs. Applications include military, disaster relief and support for industrial equipment at remote sites.

Each module is an 8' by 8' unit that can be deployed within minutes; modules expand threefold using two expandable sides. The modules are self-sustaining, as each has a generator set which runs on JP-8 fuel; the generators provide electricity for heating and cooling as well as the operation of each module's various tools.

Each module has a specific primary capability, but all carry a basic set of hand tools and an air compressor. Flexibility is enhanced by the ability to move most tools/work tables outside of the module where power and air pressure connections are provided. This allows for the fabrication of oversized products or work that produces a large volume of chips/dust to be in an open area.

Available Modules

Base Module SS-1A – A hub for design, fabrication and repair, this module also provides office and possible living quarters for a one or two-man operational team. Computers are included with 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to enable a design capability. In addition, this module includes a wide array of contractor grade large power tools, cordless 18V battery power tools and hand tools packed within Pelican cases. A full set of woodworking tools are also included as well as tools for electrical/electronic repair and fabrication. In addition to independent operation this module can be employed in conjunction with the machining or welding modules as a base unit for the operating personnel.

Machining Module SS-1B – This module provides fabrication and project workspace support to enable the production of a wide variety of parts and assemblies. The heart of this module is a lathe / mill / drill combination machine tool. This flexible tool is hard-mounted to a work bench installed in the module. To complement the metalworking equipment are an extensive set of measuring tools to insure accurate machined parts. Also included is a basic welding unit, creating a versatile, small-scale "shop in a box." This module also has the capability for fabric cutting and joining.

Welding Module SS-1C – This module supports a variety of metal welding and cutting technologies. This module can do more extensive metal fabrication as related to welding and cutting than any of the other modules. It can be used for working on large pieces of equipment and large vehicle repair. It includes handling equipment and tools for both sheet metal and composite material fabrication.

More Information

For delivery times/costs or details on how modules may be customized to your requirements, please contact the mSTAR™ Sales and Support Team.

Quotes are also available on request for training on module/equipment operations, logistical support for modules and personnel for operating the equipment in the field.