Decision Support/Risk Analysis



Alion’s CounterMeasures® solution sets the standard for identifying, quantifying and managing risk. Simple to use yet highly effective, CounterMeasures is utilized by government agencies and commercial organizations to address and pinpoint trouble spots in computer systems, building, facilities and seaports.

Using CounterMeasures can help prevent property theft or damage as well as electronic attacks or the misuse of information by insiders. It can also help facility owners comply with regulations, and industry-specific versions are available.

For government. For industry. For any organization.

By taking input from specific users who have various roles within an organization, CounterMeasures can determine the level of vulnerability and then calculate the level of risk.

For example, someone looking to evaluate the security for a building will tell CounterMeasures what other buildings are nearby, what kind of windows are on the building, how far the building entrance is from the street, and what kind of government-regulated building policies are in place. Using such input, CounterMeasures points out possible security lapses and offers specific remedies.

Solutions that evolve with your needs.

CounterMeasures is customized to your organization and can be re-configured as you make changes. For example, if a company initially is focused on internal guidance for physical security and subsequently decides to meet Department of Justice standard, CounterMeasures can easily be changed to evaluate the company's new needs.

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