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MOTISS-IBA™ - Measure of Total Integrated System Survivability - Integrated Barrier Analysis


A catastrophic incident, such as an explosion, on an offshore oil asset can have serious consequences -- from oil rig or platform damage to system failures that could interfere with initiating system recoverability or shutting down critical systems. Having greater capabilities to predict such incidents, before they happen, can help immensely.

MOTISS-IBA™ is an integrated safety assessment solution designed for the offshore industry to identify, evaluate and then control potential hazards. Drawing on the technology of MOTISS™, which is used worldwide to improve survivability of naval ships, MOTISS-IBA uses physics-based modeling to assess barriers and technical processes so you can:

  • PINPOINT potential risks
  • PREDICT the level of exposure and likelihood of occurrence
  • PREVENT catastrophic events

Unlike most individual assessments, MOTISS-IBA accounts for system, structural and physical effects. By combining multiple assessment models and tools into a single, standardized solution, MOTISS-IBA offers a faster, more efficient and cost-effective approach to identifying risks.

MOTISS-IBA plays an essential role in improving safety – for personnel, equipment and the environment – by helping ensure oil rigs comply with regulations. With MOTISS-IBA, you get quantifiable, verifiable results to demonstrate your rig’s safe operation. And, your results can be reused for multiple analyses, giving you accurate data and cost savings over the lifetime of your rig.

Maximize uptime. Minimize risk. MOTISS-IBA gives you the insight you need to take action for greater safety, compliance and quality of rig operations.

Only MOTISS-IBA gives you a comprehensive assessment of your risk profile, helping you avoid costly downtime and catastrophic events.


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