Decision Support/Risk Analysis



A technology "engine" that can be used to build any number of decision support tools, SmartMoves™ uses Alion's unique technology to power applications for enterprise management, budgeting and readiness.

SmartMoves-based applications allow you to view and understand the tradeoffs and impacts of decisions, timing and resource allocations. The technology is designed to recognize the 'many-to-many' operational and cost-driving relationships that exist within organizations, so it can cut across "stovepipes," giving users a real-time view of how changes can affect your capabilities.

smartmoves screen_260

Using the Dashboard, information can be entered using your own terminology, and connections between systems can be drawn with the click of a mouse. The Dashboard also allows you to perform "what-if?" comparisons that can help guide decisions. The system "learns" through experience, so the more a SmartMoves-based tool is used, the more accurate its results become.

Real-world solutions include custom tools to:

  • Predict future readiness based on real and potential stresses
  • Anticipate component failures, enabling replacement before capabilities are lost
  • Weigh investment allocations to support strategic goals

SmartMoves can be used to create applications that include enterprise investment planning, supply chain analysis, fleet readiness analysis and R&D investment management. Versatile and powerful, it provides remarkable capability that would normally take a team of analysts to accomplish, helping you avoid unintended consequences and truly understand the impact of change across your organization.