Human Performance Analysis

Total Crew Model®


Alion’s Total Crew Model® (TCM) analysis process quickly generates measurable assessments of crew time spent performing personal and professional activities. The results show how those activities correspond to manpower requirements and help identify areas where scheduling changes can improve outcomes and save time and money.

The TCM analysis process goes beyond counting hours worked. Our experts delve into a more detailed examination that measures multiple factors that can affect a crew, such as workload, skill utilization, fatigue and heat stress.

A basic TCM analysis can answer these questions and more:

  • Can a given crew finish all the assigned work while remaining within certain parameters such as normal fatigue levels and work week standards?
  • Can all tasks still be staffed if there are fewer crewmembers?
  • Can all tasks still be finished within the given time limits?
  • What is the impact of adding an additional activity that interrupts sleep?
  • What is the impact of using different, around-the-clock shift schedules?

Sample results include:

  • A timeline of what each person did during the model run
  • A graph representing how much time each crewmember spent on each activity
  • A notification that the model could not get all four department heads for the meeting on Day 6 of the scenario
  • A graph showing that on Day 11 of the scenario, a key crewmember’s peak fatigue level was equivalent to being awake for 48 hours; this was due to several days of excessive work and reduced or fragmented sleep
  • A table showing that a crewmember worked an average of 100 hours per week

A basic TCM analysis provides the breadth to cover the entire crew. If a more detailed analysis is required, TCM analysis can leverage pre-built components or include project-specific customization through interaction with other models, simulations and simulation tools. Task Network modeling is readily available to the TCM analysis through Alion’s Micro Saint® Sharp discrete event simulation tool.