Project Management



Efficiently and effectively manage projects, meet objectives and save both time and money with PMOnline™, a web-based project management solution applicable to many industries. PMOnline was developed to help project and program management teams simplify processes, streamline scheduling and maintain project data all in one place. With its highly-integrated platform, PMOnline is customizable and scalable to meet your business needs.

With PMOnline, you can:

  • Increase team productivity
  • Enhance management performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Better capture and retain project information

PMOnline’s intuitive interface, customizable capabilities and abundant resources help organizations easily manage projects from start to finish. Highlights include:

Homepage and Dashboards

  • Access essential program and/or project-level information and connect to customizable sub pages, announcements, calendars, forms, resources, etc. all from the PMOnline homepage
  • Quickly view project status and performance trends with project management and EVM dashboards
Scheduling Tools

  • Easily track deliverables, meetings, milestones and tasks
  • Sync calendar with Microsoft® Outlook®

Project Management Capabilities

  • Identify and manage risks with robust project risk management feature
  • Track realized project issues with the issues log

Document Libraries

  • View, edit and store all project-related documents
  • Ensure version control of documents with “read-only” capabilities when documents are checked out


  • Utilize project tools including budget estimation calculators, lessons learned database, project requirements tracker, ability to print reports offline
  • Gain valuable resources with guides and templates based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), including change control, configuration management, cost management, EVM implementation and scope management

Whether you’re challenged with strategy, planning, execution or anything in between, our industry experts are here to help. We can leverage lessons learned and best practices from clients across the commercial, nonprofit and federal spectrum to resolve any business problems.

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