Simulation and Training

CDMTS - Common Distributed Mission Training Station

CDMTS-1 While advances in training technology make it possible to offer realistic tactical training through simulators, it gets harder for the instructor to operate complex multiple systems while still maintaining awareness of the student in the exercise. This is where Common Distributed Mission Training Station (CDMTS) comes in.

CDMTS provides a single graphical user interface (GUI) for controlling mixed-fidelity tactical environments such as the Joint Semi Automated Forces (JSAF) and Next Generation Threat System (NGTS). Using CDMTS, instructors can plan an exercise as well as monitor and control the tactical environment and perform sophisticated performance assessments while training is in progress.

CDMTS-2 CDMTS forms a component of the InstructorOperator Station of several trainer platforms including the MH-60 Romeo Tactical Operational Flight Trainer, MH-60 Sierra Operational Flight Trainer, P8-A Operational Flight Trainer and the Anti-Submarine Warfare Mission Rehearsal Tactical Team Trainer.

Naval Aviation Training Systems program office (PMA-205) recently announced the induction of CDMTS into their Common Simulation Product Suite.

As the prime developer, Alion has been involved in CDMTS since its conceptualization and inception in 2005. We add new platform-dependent, fully-customized "plug–and–play" functionality and perform integration services for multiple trainer environments.