Simulation and Training

Core LS™ - Core Learning System

Core LS Figure1_260 Distance learning delivers education and training wherever and whenever it is needed. But, presenting and managing courseware is only part of the challenge. For your learning program to succeed, you need to ensure the long-term effectiveness of your instructional materials across all of your intended audiences.

Core LS™, Alion’s exclusive Learning Management System (LMS), helps you do just that. Using an instructor-in-the-loop methodology, Core LS allows teachers to regularly monitor student performance and provide mentoring. The system also provides detailed student activity tracking to measure student completion rates as well as scores.

Exclusive tools. Unparalleled insight.

Unique to Core LS are tracking and analysis tools for assessing student performance, to validate the effectiveness of courseware and identify areas that need improvement. These functions exist in no other LMS and have been adopted by the U.S. Army as requirements for the Army’s Learning Management System.

Core LS figure2_260 Core LS allows you to easily reuse and repurpose content for use in classrooms, online or through smartphone apps. Also, it is the only LMS to support integrated delivery, tracking, and modification of Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS®), a third-party solution for creating interactive learning experiences.*

To promote acceptance among educators, Alion has built Core LS to support the AICC and SCORM standards. While many of the systems features go beyond those defined by the standards, all content is exportable to SCORM 1.2 and 2004, 1st through 4th editions.

Education is about improving knowledge, skills and understanding. Core LS helps you ensure that your distance learning program supports these goals.

*VEILS is a registered trademark of WILL Interactive, Inc. VEILS, used throughout the DoD, is a patented technology and methodology for creating computer-based, interactive, virtual experiences that combine education, training and entertainment.