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Alion Employees Selected to Present Papers at ASNE Intelligent Ship Symposium

Alion engineering experts will present two papers at the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) 2017 Intelligent Ships Symposium (ISS) to be held in Philadelphia May 24-25. This year’s Symposium’s theme is “Smart Ships-Smart Processes.”

The presentations cover critical issues for the safety and security of navy ships and ship systems. “Have Security Processes Been Made Too Complicated on Purpose?” looks at the new Risk Management Framework and its impact on the accreditation process. “Modeling Survivability Assessments as Part of Early Stage Naval Ship Design” investigates the need for an integrated approach that takes place up front in the design process, helping improve the safety and survivability of the crew, ship and mission.

The ASNE 2017 Intelligent Ships Symposium (ISS) will be held in Philadelphia May 24-25. Alion will be exhibiting in Booth A.

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