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High-Tech Vessel Advances Blue Water Marine Research

RV Investigator is Australia’s only blue-water research vessel, able to cover 10,000 nautical miles in a single voyage. Capable of carrying up to 40 scientists and support staff for up to 60 days at a time, Investigator can perform oceanographic, geoscience, biological and atmospheric research – everything from air and water sampling to marine life studies to sub-surface mapping. It’s also one of quietest vessels in the world, which is crucial for studying marine life.

Creating this advanced research platform required a global effort: Investigator was designed by a U.S. /Canadian partnership of Alion, Alion Canada and Robert Allen Limited, which leveraged digital design and collaboration tools to quickly develop the specifications.

The ship was constructed in Singapore, then delivered to Australia. From design start to ship delivery took just three years—half the time required for most government or commercial programs... and all within a limited budget.

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