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Real-life, Virtual World Training Promotes Warfighter Readiness

Virtual World Training 

Warfighter readiness begins with training. Alion is helping to improve training through the use of “serious games,” video games built on computer gaming technology that teach applicable skills. Using serious games is a unique way to introduce new concepts and can reinforce other forms of training. With realistic virtual environments and 3D interfaces, engaging recruits in training is easy, since they are often familiar and comfortable with gaming technology.

Virtual WorldTraining

The Navy’s Damage Control Trainer (DCT), developed by Alion in partnership with Raytheon BBN Technologies, trains recruits by immersing them in real-life, virtual world situations so they can build decision-making skills, react quickly and be better prepared. DCT was built using the open source Delta 3D gaming engine and will support about 40,000 recruits each year. The results of using DCT for just one hour are remarkable, with errors being reduced by 50 to 80 percent.

Another Alion-developed serious game assisting the Navy is the Littoral Combat Ship Virtual Readiness Control Officer (LCS Virtual RCO), which uses commercial gaming technology to provide an immersive 3D training environment. Sailors are presented with a total ship training environment that includes tactical, force protection, damage control and maintenance training. Both individual sailors and entire teams can be trained using the system, providing greater opportunities for skills and performance improvements.

Alion’s serious game solutions are delivering training programs that can translate to measureable, real-world improvements.