Success Stories

Safer Oil Platform Operations

Strengthening Oil Platform Survivability

With the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform in 2010, concerns for the vulnerability of other platforms quickly emerged. In response, Alion began working with an international drilling company to analyze the safety barriers on offshore oil installations and evaluate the effectiveness of the barriers to help minimize risk to personnel, the rig and the environment.

Strengthening Oil Platform Survivability Simulated blowout incident on rig drill floor

Using a version of Alion’s Measure of Total Integrated System Survivability™ (MOTISS™) software, a proven survivability analysis tool used in the design of ships and structures, Alion was able to model and assess an oil platform to provide objective analysis of rig operations.

As a result, it was demonstrated that this naval ship technology was applicable to offshore structures and would enable safety analysis to be performed better, faster and with financial benefits to the oil industry.