Success Stories

True-to-Life Training for Better Prepared Forces


To make training more realistic and relevant, the Navy has been expanding its programs that tie virtual resources to real-world systems. This includes Fleet Synthetic Training (FST), which integrates real and simulated data to better prepare Sailors and Warfare Commanders for real-world threats.

Alion has supported hundreds of FST events annually; we also empowered the expansion of this training strategy by assisting with the launch of the Navy Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NCAMS). A cost-effective and robust training hub for Navy and Joint forces, NCAMS was designed, built and supported by Alion for the Navy Warfare Development Command. NCAMS’ global infrastructure allows warfighters worldwide to connect with enterprise resources through the Navy Continuous Training Environment, also maintained by Alion.

By supporting the evolution of the Navy’s training capabilities with greater realism, Alion is helping to ensure that warfighters are ready for every challenge.