Managing Spectrum with Technology and Collaboration; Alion’s Karl Nebbia, Former NTIA Executive, Provides Expertise in C-SPAN Interview

Karl Nebbia

As the demand for wireless spectrum grows, managing the spectrum to accommodate all of the various uses is essential.

Karl Nebbia, the former head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Office of Spectrum Management and now Alion’s Director of Spectrum Policy, discusses this topic in a C-SPAN interview.

Karl spoke about how spectrum has evolved and the changes in how spectrum is managed, especially with the astronomical growth in cellular and commercial use. More sophisticated technologies are being used today and a greater emphasis has been placed on increasing collaboration between government and industry. Having worked for NTIA and now with the private sector, Karl sees both sides and he is hoping to help bridge the disconnects to improve spectrum capabilities.

Watch the full interview, which aired on April 11 and 13, on C-SPAN’s website, click here.

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