Press Releases

2009 Press Releases

December 07, 2009  Alion is Part of eFAST Contractor Team Supporting Technical and Business Management for FAA   More»

December 03, 2009  Rear Adm. Gary R. Jones (USN, Ret.) Joins Alion   More»

December 01, 2009  Alion Awarded $2.8M Task Order to Enhance and Support DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Assessment System   More»

November 23, 2009  Alion Wins $6M in Task Orders to Digitize Scientific and Technical Documents for DoD Information Analysis Centers   More»

November 19, 2009  Maj. Gen. Michael C. Mushala (USAF, Ret.) Joins Alion   More»

November 18, 2009  Alion Deploys "Serious Game" Training Program to Improve Readiness and Prepare Navy Recruits for Shipboard Navigation   More»

November 16, 2009  Alion Awarded TARDEC Omnibus Contract Supporting Life Cycle of Manned and Unmanned Ground Vehicles   More»

November 11, 2009  MG Thomas A. Benes (USMC, Ret.) Joins Alion   More»

November 09, 2009  Alion Receives $3.1M Army Battle Command Support Services Task Order to Evolve LandWarNet Concepts   More»

November 02, 2009  Alion Receives $6.3M Task Order to Provide Decision Support Tools for Marine Corps Systems Command   More»

October 26, 2009  Alion Receives $1.8M Army Contract to Review and Analyze Warfighter Capabilities   More»

October 19, 2009  Alion Awarded $3.3M Task Order to Help Manage, Develop and Integrate M&S Capabilities across the Army   More»

September 02, 2009  Alion Awarded $7M Contract to Support Navy’s Improved Live Virtual Constructive Integration Research Program   More»

August 26, 2009  Alion Awarded $48.5M Navy Task Order to Develop and Test Automated Torpedo Detection System   More»

August 25, 2009  Alion-Operated Centers Publish Special Edition Journal on Power and Energy Technologies and Initiatives   More»

August 17, 2009  Alion Awarded $4.4M Contract to Perform RF Engineering Services for NOAA to Ensure Environmental Data Is Accessible   More»

August 12, 2009  Alion Awarded $49 Million Navy Contract for Development of Modeling and Simulation Technologies for Computer-Generated Exercises   More»

August 04, 2009  Alion Awarded $7.8M Army Contract to Ensure Wireless Spectrum Access for Critical Communications and Sensor Systems   More»

July 29, 2009  Alion Awarded $300M Contract to Support Army with Armament-Related Products and Services   More»

July 21, 2009  Alion Awarded $6.4M Contract to Support Army Enterprise Transformation Efforts   More»

July 01, 2009  Alion Awarded Air Force Contract Worth $5M to Evaluate Effects of Human Performance on Weapon Systems   More»

June 24, 2009  Alion Awarded $84.7 M Task Order to Support Naval Sea Systems IT Management   More»

June 08, 2009  Alion Awarded $1.5M Army Task Order to Build a New Mobile Parts Hospital System   More»

June 03, 2009  Alion Awarded $97M Contract to Support Navy’s Global Media and Community Relations   More»

June 01, 2009  Alion Awarded $1.23M SPAWAR Contract to Provide Support on Real-Time Digital Data Link System   More»

May 21, 2009  Alion Names Robert D. Hirt to Support Engineering and Information Technology Unit   More»

May 19, 2009  Alion Wins $1.5M Contract to Evaluate Improved System to Reduce Friendly Fire Accidents   More»

May 13, 2009  Alion to Provide Software Development and Lifecycle Support to Maintain Army’s Network Planning Terminal   More»

April 22, 2009  Alion Awarded $8.5M Air Force Contract to Design Web-based Decision Support Software for Resource Allocation   More»

April 13, 2009  Alion Awarded GSA Alliant Information Technology Contract   More»

April 06, 2009  Alion Wins Army Task Order Valued at $4.35M to Support Army Future Combat Systems Advanced Collaborative Environment   More»

March 30, 2009  Alion Receives Technical Area Tasks Valued at Nearly $2.1M under WSTIAC and AMMTIAC Contracts to Migrate Critical DTIC Data to Electronic Format   More»

March 23, 2009  Alion Awarded $3.2M DoD Task Order to Provide Knowledge Management Support for Conventional and Directed Energy Weapons   More»

March 04, 2009  Alion Expands Operations to Griffiss Park to Maximize Support to Air Force and State and Local Governments   More»

March 02, 2009  Alion Expands Navy-focused Engineering Operations in Canada   More»

February 25, 2009  Lt. Gen. Richard E. "Tex" Brown III (USAF, Ret.) Joins Alion in Defense Unit   More»

February 23, 2009  Alion Awarded $3.3M WSTIAC Task Order for Engineering Analysis Work to Enhance Weapons Systems Development   More»

February 17, 2009  Alion Awarded $1.1M Army Subcontract to Replicate Real-Life Events on the Battlefield to Train Deploying Soldiers   More»

February 09, 2009  Alion Wins AMMTIAC Task Order Worth $3M for Army and Joint Forces Munitions Support   More»

February 04, 2009  Alion Awarded $4.3M WSTIAC Task Order to Explore New Technologies to Enhance Weapons Systems Development for Special Operations Warfighters   More»

February 02, 2009  Alion Awarded Contract Valued at up to $391M for Acquisition and Design Support of Navy’s Shipbuilding Programs   More»

January 19, 2009  Alion-Operated Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center Wins Task Order Worth $1.9M from Air National Guard   More»

January 14, 2009  Alion Awarded $1.7M AFCENT Task Order to Evaluate COOP for Combined Air and Space Operations Center Weapon System   More»

January 12, 2009  Alion Awarded Task Order Worth $21.8M to Support Defense Threat Reduction Agency   More»

January 06, 2009  Alion to Research Spatial Disorientation Faced by Astronauts in Flight under $1.73M National Space Biomedical Research Institute Grant   More»